Human Conflict is present with us throughout our lives. In fact it is one of the common denominators to our existence. At the very root of conflict is competition, and a basic prerequisite for competition is the existence of more than one factor. It could be two or more persons, two or more options, two or more thoughts or desires.  This foundational thought allows for an appreciation that conflict can be both intra-personal as well as inter-personal. One person can experience conflict all by himself, but only because he is capable of thinking competing thoughts, and may be faced with competing choices. Internal conflict or intrapersonal conflict is so real that it readily lends itself to poorly managed stress, and all the consequences that accompany it. In fact an entire swath of illnesses have been identified as psychosomatic, or mentally induced, influenced or related physical illnesses.  In this area, mental activities such as worry and anxiety and fear are all factors that can consume an individual all by himself. And at times the mere fact of prolonged states of being alone or isolated can lead to depression resulting from conflicting mental rationalizations and evaluations of the situation.

Very often the workplace environment masks the reality of internal conflict that could be impairing an employee’s productivity. We are on the lookout for external signs of conflict, and that is usually measured by how employees interact with each other. Clearly, there is no shortage of evidence of conflict at this level. But because it is so obvious, it is very important to be on the lookout for masked signs of internal conflict that, at any rate, will contribute to the more obvious interpersonal conflict.

Several scenarios of work-place conflict are  briefly examined on this site. They all have a few things in common. The worst of all is their singular and accumulated negative impact on both individual and corporate productivity.  It is therefore in the employer’s best interest to ensure that his employees, who are among his most valuable factors of production, are maintained, at least as well as the machinery that form part of his assets. The difference between an efficiently producing employee on the one hand, and one who is barely surviving under the weight of unmanaged stress and the impact of workplace and domestic conflict on the other hand, is the difference between profit and loss.

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