I’m Not Fired… I Quit!

Conflict seldom gets worse than this. A person’s  life depends on their ability to earn an income. Being “fired”, even when they say “I quit”, is a scenario to be avoided, unfortunately, but not at all costs. Sometimes it is necessary.  A strong, even if delayed reaction is almost guaranteed, and especially if the victim does not agree with the decision, or did not see it coming.  
These therefore are the two areas that must be worked on as soon as soon as practically possible after an employee joins the staff.text.  Because conflict is natural, and because we understand the root cause of conflict, the leader’s job is to pre-empt it. The existence and enforcement of Policy, Guidelines and Rules play a major role here.  Wherever practical, ensure that management creates only skeletal rules so that staff can buy-in to the day to day consequential rules. 
Ensure that there is a balanced menu of rewards for compliance and negative consequences for deviant behavior.  Above all, invest in a healthy communication flow throughout the organisation with frequent checks for “blockages”, usually in the “bottlenecks”. Every employee is a human being, and their performance at the workplace or in any other communal setting, is not the most important event in their life, even if it is the one that makes the others possible.

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