Godfrey McAllister is an inspiring speaker!
He delivers his powerful messages with tremendous passion and great enthusiasm!
He dares to awaken the inherent goodness that lies within the hearts of his audience!
He motivates the brave and courageous to strive for continuous learning and improvement!
He offers the gift of enlightenment with his unique insights on a purpose-driven life!”
 Chim Francisco

Dr. Godfrey was asked to speak to a group of incarcerated men. He delivered a great message by using humor and genuineness. He was very well prepared but was very flexible with the unique circumstances that come with talking at a Correctional Institution.   
Sonel Roberts

If you need a Speaker to motivate your group to move to the next level, Godfrey is the man. He will compel you to be the best you can be. To reach for the stars! I have heard him speak several times and am always blown away! He has the gift of persuasion. I do recommend him. 
Vivienne Pringle

Motivation Unlimited LLC is the consummate Professional company which who goes beyond the expected to deliver beyond the imaginations. The background research and subsequent details that is packaged in a presentation, can only be described as compact and comprehensive. Empowering, engaging, inspirational, proactive, superior quality knowledge and recommendations is ONLY what i have come to expect from Motivationan Unlimited LLC. Hence I recommend Unconditionally to you.
Fitzgerald Gayle

The fact that you were selected to be the keynote speaker at such a large gathering of our Caribbean Superstars and Head was a tribute to your reputation gained from previous superb presentations in Trinidad, Curacao, Guyana, Bahamas, Bermuda, Barbados, Grenada and the USA among other countries. Your performance in Mexico was consistent with our highest expectations
Gordon Arnold, CLU

 He is a man of God. he is professionalism, responsible, he is also a valuable and he is working with high quality and punctuality. above all he is a god’s fearing man of God. 
Munyangeri Brasius (Rwanda)

My experience with Motivation Unlimited has been one of professionalism, promptness, value and excellent work ethics. Value is placed on quality and relevance coupled with a good sense of humour…you will get hooked on amazing presentations that will change your life!  
Cassandra Morrison

Godfrey is an amazing speaker and motivator. His passion is evident from the moment you meet him. He genuinely shows compassion and empathy while drawing out the best in you! 
Barry Doctor

Godfrey McAllister has the extraordinarily ability to energize an audience to take action.
I would recommend him to any organization that needs an exceptional and enthusiastic speaker.     –
Eran Arbel

It was simply an inspiring and enjoyable experience. Godfrey challenges his audience to believe that great things are possible and to aim higher. All of this is done in an engaging and interactive manner.  
Coleen White

I have always enjoyed Dr. Godfrey McAllister’s presentations. I appreciate the suspense, followed by the climaxing, the humour and energy he puts out.  
Ruth Cumberbatch

I have had the pleasure of attending several of Dr. Godfrey McAllister’s speeches. His intensity, dramatics, humor, and anecdotes are captivating and, like an accomplished stage performer, he leaves his audience wanting more. It is a privilege and a treat to witness his professionalism. Dr. McAllister is a master of his craft!
Robert S. Geller

Godfrey is a visionary individual who commits to a project and gives 100% to that project. He thinks outside the box and comes up with creative ways of getting things done. His energy is infectious. 
Essie Gardner

Dr. Godfrey McAllister uses his extensive knowledge in a variety of areas, his sense of humour and a genuine desire to encourage others to attain excellence in their personal and professional lives to create personalized messages for his audiences. Audience members are guaranteed to leave one of his presentations having laughed out loud several times and feeling a renewed sense of vision or direction. I highly recommend Dr. McAllister for all of your motivational speaking needs. 
Keera Miller

“Dynamic, insight driven, motivating and thought provoking are just a few words that describe the engaging energy Dr. Godfrey McAllister generates in his presentations. From heart wrenching stories to lessons that remind me of my Grandmother’s teachings, his passionate and entertaining style has often left me emotionally charged to be, do and have more in my life!”
Lydia Harris, RN, DTM, MSc

Godfrey McAllister had all the guests cracking up with laughter, although his topic was actually a very serious one. He was very relevant and informed. It almost seemed as though he had researched our specific situation. All the guests were entertained, educated and motivated.   
Helena Yarde

Very powerful and passionate presenter!

Zeynep Talu-Balci

Exceeds greatness in all that he does. Humble and hard working. Well educated and well spoken. Simple and to the point. Best of the Best. Engage him. Hire him. Put him to use before someone else does. 
Mark Dzulynsky

My Passion

Working with, and ultimately serving people has always been my passion. In both of my major career paths, Education and Insurance, the focus has been on people. The combination of exposure, experience and education has provided me with a front-seat, ring-side view of people at their best and at their worst. As a Guidance Counsellor, I was forced to research and discover the “why” behind people’s behavior, both good and bad. By the process of elimination I was forced to identify the common denominators that unite all people, and then to analyze those common denominators.  I realized that the extremities of human behavior could not be explained in natural terms, and since not natural, the roots must be in the supernatural. 

What level of evil and depravity could cause a 16-year old boy to rape an 85-year old woman? What majestic heights of selfishness could cause a man to run in to a blazing inferno to save another man who had robbed and beaten him almost to death, just a few hours earlier? The Christian Faith came to my rescue, and I immediately realized that the former was motivated by the Devil, and the latter by God. And although most people operate somewhere safely between the extremes, because there are only two major supernatural powers, we are all at one time or another, influenced in the majority by God or the Devil.

It is out of this crucible of life-time investigations that several conclusions have emerged. One such conclusion is that conflicts are natural. And as such, we are never to be surprised by them. Instead, we should reserve our energy for resolving both intrapersonal and interpersonal conflicts.  And because conflicts are the natural enemies of harmony and productivity, conflicts must be identified in their early stages, and in the words of William Shakespeare, thought of like a serpents egg which hatched would as its kind grow dangerous, and kill them in the shell.

My passion is to help as many people as possible become the very best that God designed them to be. In doing so, people I help will increase their individual productivity, and will better better be able to positively contribute to the increased corporate productivity for which every employer yearns.