Workplace Conflicts Tanking Productivity?

Doctor Perspective will help

With the benefit of decades of experience as a Motivational Speaker, Guidance Counsellor, Supreme Court Mediator, Performance Coach and Negotiator, my perspective on human conflict obligates me to believe that conflict is natural. Its existence must never surprise us. Genuine harmony on the other hand is supernatural. It will never be attained accidentally. Unfortunately, like cyanide, some things that are “natural” can kill you. Nothing kills productivity, like conflict. Interestingly, like cyanide, significant traces of conflict surrounds us, and is concentrated at the workplace, and everywhere that people are obliged to spend long hours with each other.

The good news is that when its fundamental structure in all its mutations is understood, conflict can be identified, and neutralized. And that’s a third of the job done. The construction of genuine harmony, using the less than ideal building blocks available to the employer, or school teacher or team coach, must begin. The good news is that it can be done, and I am here to help your organization do just that. Where harmony will thrive, conflict cannot survive.  The slides below give a glimpse into some of the most critical genuine harmony factors.

How may I help you?

Doctor Perspective is available to work in College, Corporate and Community settings.  The challenges and resolution strategies are different, but the essential thesis of conflict affects all humans in every walk of life. Here are three major categories of service offered by Doctor Perspective. See which of them, if any, is a fit for your needs.

mind maintenance

Mind Maintenance

A Psychiatrist tries to repair a person's mind after it has broken down. Doctor Perspective tries to prevent the mind from breaking down and helps to optimize its performance in order for it to achieve optimum levels of productivity. You can think of this services as that of a mind maintenance mechanic, borrowing on he analogy of a motor vehicle. Faithfulness to a maintenance schedule drastically reduces the likelihood of an unexpected massive repair bill.
The human brain is a complex machine, and so is themployee. The employee at work is the by-product of the employee at home, on the road, and everywhere else except work. What affects the employee outside of work, affects the performance of the employee at work.
For this to be cost-effective, quarterly sessions with groups of 30 are recommended. These are associated with ongoing access to online customized information in addition to one optional 30-minute consult each quarter.

Motivational Speaker image

Motivation & Inspiration

Doctor Perspective is a credentialed Motivational Speaker and is available for Keynotes, Lead-off and Wrap-up presentations as well as interactive Seminars workshops on a limited range of topics.
Resolving internal and external conflict through creative communication is his flagship subject area. However Doctor Perspective also addresses self-actualization themes and leverages his expertise in sales and marketing to deliver valuable presentation on Secrets of Successful Selling.
The fact is that when you retain Doctor Perspective you get full access to all the others that he has accumulated through training, exposure and experience over the last four decades.

Time, money, quality

Mediation & Productivity Leakage Analysis

Doctor Perspective harnesses his training and experiences as a Supreme Court Mediator in Jamaica to provide mediation services as a hands-on extension of his Conflict Resolution and Alternative Dispute Resolution Services.
Practically, this service typically springs from or results in a productivity leakage analysis of the company or organisation. It is up to management to determine whether its realistically achievable corporate goals are being met. It is then typically much easier for an external resource person to perform an analysis to determine the productivity leak points.
Regardless of which precedes the other, both services are committed to a single goal. That goal is the optimization of the productivity of he individual as well as that of the corporation or other entity..

Let's Work Together

Let’s talk shop. If your company or organization is experiencing problems with lower than expected productivity, that’s good enough reason for you not to have the huge budget to retain the services of one of the name-brand, market-dominant experts in my field. And that may be the only reason you are considering my services.

But do yo really want to pay a premium for a name, or would you prefer to pay for results? That is why I am very comfortable and delighted to offer you my one-of-a-kind in the industry, Fee Satisfaction Guarantee. To be clear, my charges are divided into Fees and Expenses.  You will always underwrite my expenses, which will always be significantly less than my fees. My guarantee is that if you are dissatisfied with my service, then you decide how much of my fees you will pay, if any at all.

We will discuss this and the specifics of your needs, during our free consultation.